What love, if not mine, could burn as bright?
Against your skin, it moved, hesitantly.
You were the untamed bird that taught me flight
and watched silently as I plunged into the sea.

You were the threadbare peace I found solace in,
your rough heartbeats lulled me to sleep.
At your hands, I forgot what might have been
and found a happiness which was not mine to keep.

You became the voices in my head,
my every breath, you claimed.
Turning from God, I prayed to you instead,
my faith, my roar, the beast you tamed.

I held on, so tightly to the ghosts that I could not save.
Watched as you devoured my soul, ignoring my pleas,
ripped my still-beating heart from its unguarded cage
and left me—so empty— half-dead on my knees.


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