Lady in the Blues

This town is a song about you.
A melody of dead-end streets
and off-step beats that my feet
have all but memorized
alongside all your tone-deaf lies.

The quickstep notes of drawn-out nights
and cymbal clang of booming fights
set off by your much-too-short fuse
and painting me in shades of blues.

Lyrics lurk in worn-out corners
auditioning the new performers
of our played-out harmony,
naive of its simplicity.

How quickly we fell out of pace.
Steeped deep in that amazing grace
that erased traces of our rhyme
and memories of place and time.

But I’ll leap along the pavement stones
that arch my back and break my bones,
through walls of cracks carved out of blame
that brings me back to trace your name
in the sound of a requiem.


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